Cain applauds Gingrich's response to uproar over ex's claims, calls it 'same crap they pulled on me'

Herman Cain told Fox News on Friday that he "loved" Newt Gingrich's response at the latest presidential debate to a question about his Gingrich's second marriage, saying "that's the same crap that they pulled on me."

The businessman-turned-presidential candidate was referring to the intense public and media scrutiny he endured following claims from several women that he made sexual advances on them. Cain eventually withdrew from the race.

Gingrich, on Thursday night, was questioned about his second ex-wife's claim that he sought an "open marriage." Gingrich in response lambasted the moderator for opening the debate on the topic before calling the claims "false."

"That's what's wrong with politics. This is what's turning the American people off," Cain told Fox News.

Cain is making the media rounds after making what he described as an "unconventional" endorsement on Thursday at a South Carolina Republican conference. Cain, instead of endorsing a candidate, endorsed "the people."

He told Fox News that with the race so close, he "didn't necessarily want to get in that at this particular point."

He said he wanted instead to make the people feel "empowered."

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express announced that Cain will deliver their group's response to President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Cain is also reportedly holding a rally Friday with comedian Stephen Colbert.