Boehner "This was diving off the 50 foot diving board on your first dive."

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) just came into the Speaker's Lobby and conducted a near 25 minute impromptu press conference with reporters about the free-wheeling debate that has consumed the House for days.

I have never seen a Speaker spend so much time, speaking frankly with the press, off the cuff, in all my time covering the Hill or spend so much time just chatting folks up in the Speaker's Lobby just off the House floor.

Boehner joked with reporters, teased them about their clothes and answered substantive questions about the lengthy process and why he was willing to allow such a lengthy process.

"This was diving off the 50-foot diving board on your first dive," Boehner said of the inherit risks involved in the process that has pre-occupied the House nearly around the clock for days.