Boehner rejects supposed Rev. Wright ad, despite Dem efforts to play it up

House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday downplayed the supposed plan to resurrect Rev. Jeremiah Wright in an anti-Obama ad campaign, becoming the latest prominent Republican to knock down the proposal despite Democratic efforts to play it up.

The shelf life of the Wright plan was short. After The New York Times reported Thursday on an ad campaign being coordinated by conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts, the founder of  TD Ameritrade, Ricketts himself said through an aide it was not a serious plan and not one he supported.

Mitt Romney also condemned the ad.

Asked about the proposal Sunday on ABC's "This Week," Boehner said: "The issue is not Rev. Wright. The issue is the economy."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is the campaign arm of House Democrats, is already using the scuttled plan to raise money, sending out a fundraising pitch calling the Wright proposal "race-baiting."

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    "This kind of nonsense shouldn't happen," Boehner said, when asked about the back-and-forth. "The election's going to be about the economy."

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, though, stood by the DCCC fundraising pitch, saying she has "no regrets."