Biden Rekindles 2016 Speculation on Election Day

With his vote cast, Joe Biden once again flirted with the possibility of another presidential race.

The vice president returned to his home state of Delaware to vote on Election Day, and spoke to reporters outside the polling center at Alexis DuPont High School in Greenville.

"Is this the last time you're going to vote for yourself?" a reporter asked.

"Oh, I don't think so," he replied coyly.

The nation's oldest president was Ronald Reagan, elected to the Oval Office at age 69. Biden turns 70 on Nov 20, but it appears age is no barrier for a man who was elected to Senate at the age of 29.

In his last campaign speech before Election Day, Biden spoke like a man considering a run in 2016. He discarded his attack dog role and wrapped up his remarks with a call for the nation to unify.

"It's time we come together and realize the great potential of this great country," he said in Richmond. "It's time to replace unyielding ideology with principled compromise. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe most Democrats and Republicans are prepared to do just that."