Biden world praises Clinton adviser who reportedly ignored Weinstein warning, dismissed Tara Reade's claims

Adrienne Elrod told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette she is open to a position in the administration

Biden world sang the praises of Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod on Sunday after the publication of a glowing profile on her past working on Hillary Clinton's and President Biden's campaigns.

"To echo ⁦@HillaryClinton⁩ (always a good thing) ⁦@adrienneelrod⁩ does everything with grit and grace. Won the colleague lottery working with her and ⁦[Kate Bedingfield]⁩ (and many others) in 06," White House press secretary Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter with a link to the profile in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.


"So proud of my badass friend for all she has accomplished. I’m so lucky we wound up in adjoining cubicles at the DCCC all those years ago, ⁦⁦@adrienneelrod," White House communications director Kate Bedingfield wrote on Twitter.

Elrod told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that she is open to a position in the Biden administration after receiving praise for her work on the inaugural festivities.

The profile did not include that Elrod has been accused of ignoring a warning about disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein when he was involved in Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, or that Elrod received nearly $19,000 from the scandal-plagued Lincoln Project in 2020.

In addition, she dismissed calls for Biden to end his campaign after Tara Reade's sexual assault allegation, calling such a response "silly talk." Reade came forward after accusations of inappropriate conduct against Biden, including former Nevada Democratic candidate Lucy Flores' claim that he sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her head in 2014.

Tara Reade. Credit: Darin Hayes Photography

Tara Reade. Credit: Darin Hayes Photography

"He has a very unique ability to connect with people," Elrod told Morning Joe according to Spectator. "He’s charismatic. He is empathetic and that is a strength and that’s why I think the last few days since this story came out from Lucy Flores, his team has done a really good job playing up some of the former female aides who have worked for him over the years, reinforcing their view of him, which is he is somebody who has always empowered women."

A few years earlier, in 2017, actress Lena Dunham told The New York Times that she had warned Elrod and another 2016 Clinton campaign staffer, Kristina Schake, about the "open secret" of Weinstein's "problem with sexual assault." Weinstein helped the Clinton campaign organize a Broadway fundraiser just weeks before Election Day, according to the Times.


Elrod denied Dunham's characterization of their conversation.

"I certainly don't remember that conversation that way," Elrod said on MSNBC. "I can certainly assure you that I would have come forward ... I don't want to get into private discussions that I had with our surrogates on the campaign, and, by the way, I did run the full surrogate operations, so I had a lot of conversations with a lot of celebrities, a lot of elected officials, a lot of high wattage influencers every single day. I'm certainly not going to divulge those conversations on air, but I also don't recall every single minute of every conversation that I had."