Biden beat Trump by less than 276,000 votes in key swing states

A second straight presidential election is decided by a small number of voters in key battlegrounds

They’re still counting the votes in a handful of the key battleground states in the presidential election – but a look at where the current vote totals stand points to a second straight White House race decided by razor thin margins.

The Fox News Decision Desk projected on Saturday that Democratic presidenital nominee Joe Biden would win the state of Nevada and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, giving the former vice president the electoral votes he needed to defeat President Trump and become president-elect. But the president has yet to concede, as he hopes that a flurry of lawsuits he’s filed and a couple of recounts in key states will reverse Biden’s victory.


Biden, as of Monday afternoon, had won a record breaking 75.67 million votes nationally. And Trump, in defeat, garnered a massive 71.07 million votes.

The margins were tighter in the crucial battleground states that Biden secured to win the Electoral College count.

Biden is ahead of Trump by 275,351 votes in six key states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. As of Monday evening Biden was ahead of the president by 15,432 votes in Arizona, a slim 11,595 in Georgia, 45,475 in Pennsylvania, 146,123 in Michigan, 20,540 in Wisconsin, and 36,186 in Nevada.

It was a similar story four years ago, although Trump's margin of victory over Clinton was smaller.

Trump won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – three states that had been carried by the Democrats in presidential elections for a quarter century – by just 78,000 votes over 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The combined 46 electoral votes in all three states were enough to put Trump over the top. And Trump carried Florida’s 29 electoral votes by a margin of just under 113,000.