Stuart Varney: If you hate Trump, you can say reprehensible things (and nothing will happen)

Mika Brzezinski is a news anchor with MSNBC. She hates President Trump. Her show, "Morning Joe" is a struggle to watch, because it is an endless stream of contempt for our president.

That contempt buys her insurance. Because she is on the hater's side of the fence, she can say just about anything -- without serious consequences.

Wednesday, she was on the air discussing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's response to the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

She doesn't care for our top diplomat and she let rip with a homophobic slur. I'm not going to repeat it. It was outrageous.

And nothing happens.

She issued an apology, saying, "It was a SUPER-BAD (all caps) choice of words". That’s it. Mika was *not* on the show Thursday.

MSNBC says it was a previously planned day off. She works for NBC. Another news anchor, Joy Reid, works for NBC, still. Even though she wrote very nasty anti-gay remarks on her personal blog. It was brought to NBC's attention. Nothing happened.

I repeat. If you hate Trump, you can say reprehensible things, and nothing happens.

If you support President Trump and you say something reprehensible, you're done. Out. Finished.

I'll call that a reprehensible double standard.

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Adapated from Stuart Varney’s monologue on Fox Nations’ “My Take with Stuart Varney.”