Release of Detainee Photos Poses a Grave Threat to the Troops

From the American Legion

The National Commander of The American Legion said it well last week: "Releasing photographs of alleged or actual detainee abuse in the War on Terrorism is not worth the life of a single American."

The quote's from a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Commander David K. Rehbein, head of the nation's largest veterans organization. The anticipated release by the end of this month of a "substantial number" of images depicting ill treatment of detainees will have no positive effect, says Commander Rehbein, but will simply provide propaganda and recruiting fodder for terrorists and put our troops -- and perhaps civilians, too -- even further into harm's way. He asks, "What is to be accomplished by continuing to provide ammunition and provocation to the enemy?"

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is wondering the same thing. So, she's convening a Capitol Hill forum to discuss this matter Wednesday afternoon and has invited Commander Rehbein and other national security experts to chat about it. She wants to persuade the administration, if possible, to block the ACLU-inspired, court-ordered picture show.

There are times when's it's best to clean up your mess, learn your lesson, better your behavior and move on. This is clearly one of them. One thing is for sure, our mortal enemies would never be so stupid as to compromise their power or endanger themselves in the interest of "full disclosure." By now it is pointless and very dangerous.