On Memorial Day -- Thoughts From a Reporter Whose Son Is at West Point

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By Jon ScottHost, "FOX News Watch" and "Happening Now"

We spend countless hours on "FOX News Watch" -- one of two shows I host here at FOX News -- arguing about the use and misuse of freedom of the press. It probably seemed a radical idea when it proposed in the first amendment back in 1789, these days, even in the media business, we take freedom of the press pretty much for granted.

But as Marine Corps chaplain Father Dennis O'Brien so famously wrote:

It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us Freedom of the Press.

As we all enjoy the freedoms of this great nation on Memorial Day weekend, try for just a moment not to take this holiday for granted.


Pay a visit to Arlington, or any national cemetery. Get on the internet and study those hallowed sites. Think about the men and women at rest here... think about Antietam and Normandy... Inchon and Khe Sahn...

And then think about those serving right now, those who have calmed the once-deadly city of Fallujah... those who will sleep this night in a bunker outside Kandahar. Theirs' is not a life of barbecues and golf, baseball and swimming pools. They are fighting for all of us... and yes, fighting for freedom of the press.

For this reporter, a once-distant idea is now quite personal. Especially when I look at a shot of my oldest son in his 'Army uniform.' Right now, it's that of the Sprint football team at West Point--I don't think he likes it when I put his cadet photo on TV, so I won't.

[caption id="attachment_11697" align="aligncenter" width="226" caption="The author's son at West Point in his sprint football uniform"][/caption]

He's halfway through the U.S. military academy. On Sunday, he heads to a Texas fort to study first-hand the command of troops. He's 20; and in two short years he could be in one of those bunkers in Afghanistan.

For all of the troops protecting our freedoms --and especially those who've paid the ultimate price --we at "News Watch" say thank you. We honor your service, and your sacrifice.