Nobody Messes With Joe - Because Nobody Can Find Him

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By Karen Hanretty

In all the hubbub since Sunday's front page headlines that AIG paid out $165 million in bonuses to 73 employees, every Democrat from Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid to Barney Frank and even the big man himself, President Obama, has jumped in front of TV cameras to declare "outrage!" Well, all except that man the President told us nobody messes with - Joe.

Where's Joe Biden?

Recall that in his non-state of the union speech, Obama announced he'd asked Joe Biden to lead a tough, unprecedented oversight effort of the stimulus bill, because "Nobody messes with Joe." Well, where is he? After all, language inserted into the stimulus bill is partly responsible for allowing the grandfathering in of bonuses paid out before Feb. 11 of this year.

Has anyone see Joe?

Karen Hanretty is a former communications director for the California Republican Party, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and is now a Managing Director at Qorvis Communications.