Gutfeld on Avenatti's humiliating court defeat

Just how bad is Michael Avenetti?

He's so bad, he gives lawyers a bad name.

A California judge not only ruled to dismiss Stormy Daniel's defamation suit against President Trump, but also ordered her to pay his legal fees.

Now, when judges do that, it’s to send a message: your lawyer’s a moron.

Poor Stormy. As a rule, people pay her for sex. Now Avenetti's reversed the charges.

Sleazy lawyers are often called ambulance chasers. Avenetti's worse. He chases spotlights. And when he catches them, he looks ridiculous.

But he's good at one thing: costing his own side money. A few months ago, his firm was ordered to pay $10 million to an attorney who once worked there.  

And what of the Kavenaugh debacle. The gang rape accusations arrived like the carnival sideshow the media so badly wanted. Avenatti was the clown with the biggest clip-on nose, honking his little horn.

Then his disgusting ploy imploded.  And the tv anchors who indulged him fled- sensing they were becoming his victims too.

But why complain?

He’s been a gift for the Republicans, a disaster for Dems.

Are we sure he wasn't on Trump’s payroll all along?

Now Avenettti has taken to challenging people to fights on Twitter -- like a town palooka reliving past fights at the local bar.

So how does a serial trickster get away with it?

Does the state bar care about ethics violations? Isn’t there a disciplinary committee? Or is he exempt because he's a liberal attack dog?

His punishment should be harsh: make him represent himself.