For people and for a community to flourish, faith and the church is needed

Did you know that once passenger pigeons blanketed the America skies? Flocks were so large that they’d darken the skies for hours as they migrated.

And then, very suddenly they all died off. The very last one of its kind, which was affectionately named “Martha,” lived in the Cincinnati Zoo but died in 1914.

Yes, the birds were hunted and shot not even for food, just for the twisted fun of it –– but that’s not what decimated the species.

Researchers have now found out that for flocks of carrier pigeons to flourish, they need a community of others. The community raised their young together and searched for food together and thrived when around others.

And when their numbers dipped below a certain point, suddenly the community was shattered and they perished.

Sometimes I feel like we’re like those very special birds. Sure, we can get by with just a friend or two or three, but to thrive, to live an uplifted life, we need a flock. We need a community.

We need to create value for the world. Faith communities are critically important to the fabric of society. They are some of the most effective, efficient, and compelling organizations at helping people who have nowhere to turn.

So how could Silicon Valley ignore one of the most important parts of society? Why wouldn’t we build a social impact platform that is a digital destination for faith? Who is addressing this problem?

Did you know Nonprofit 501(c)3 religious organizations generate approximately $135 billion per year in charitable donations?

“It is estimated that the Catholic Church alone operates more than 140,000 schools, 10,000 orphanages, 5,000 hospitals and nearly 16,000 other health clinics.” David Paton.


Your faith community is your third place. In the concept of community building, your third place is the social environment separate from your two typical social places, your home being the first place, and your work being the second place. Your faith community is your third place.

In a world of text messaging and social media your third place should always be with you.

As social media transforms how we connect with others, how we establish feelings of self-worth, and how we understand a sense of place, faith communities have been completely ignored and overlooked.

Many faith communities in America, especially Christian communities, feel they have been overtly discriminated against by Silicon Valley tech companies.

For people to flourish, we need a strong community. We need a community of people we can do life with. We need a community of people that encourage us, help us through hard times, and help us address the most important problems where we live.

Like the carrier pigeons of past, by flocking together and working together we thrive. If you don’t have a third place that is thriving, I recommend you find one to be a part of.

Explore a faith community centered around prayer, remember what it feels like to help others, and let technology strengthen your bond so your flock is always with you.