Five Favorite Things In 2009

The most amazing part of the year is that it seems like we were celebrating the beginning of the new millenium just a few minutes ago not ten years ago. There's no doubt, it has been a rollercoaster of a decade. The lowest low was 9/11 and the highs have been how we have learned to use technology. Since I am partaking of this great technology by writing this on the train and using a mobile card to communicate with the world I am able to share my favorite things:
1. The Obama Inauguration was my all time favorite. Having spent some time in the South in the mid-1960s it seemed like a an impossibility that the United States would ever elect a president who was black. The Washington Mall during the inauguration was filled with people as far as the eye could see. People were proud, they were happy and excited. It was wonderful to see America so uplifted. I will never forget that day and how proud I was of America.

2. The Health Care Debate has been another high point of the year. I have loved to hear real debate, real thought going into what needs to change about how we get health care. I am glad that so much time has been devoted to an issue that is so very important. -- It has spawned people talking about real issues. There have been honest discussions about how to solve a very complex problem. It shows that we are a thoughtful and multi-dimensional society.

3. Dan Brown's Book "The Lost Symbol." I rarely read fiction but this one was a page turner set in Washington. It made the reader think not only about power structures in Washington but about power structures within families. My other favorite book of the year is "Growing Up Gotti" by Victoria Gotti -- another window into power structures, both inside and outside of families.

4. The Hadron Collider: It is a feat of physics and human cooperation. Scientists around the world are working together to find out the mysteries of the universe. Like the early Space program we develop not only new theories but practical uses that will change lives though out the earth.

5. Susan Boyle. A great story and inspiring to all. Her CD is amazing. Her story would cheer anyone on.

For all the Fox Forum readers thank you for making this the best place to read opinion. It is a joy to write and to read comments that make me think. Have a wonderful Christmas season and a Great 2010!

Ellen Ratner is Washington bureau chief for Talk Radio News Service and a Fox News contributor.