Sexton: Democrats uninterested in US border, but they are focused on Ukraine's borders

Democrats believe an open border with Mexico is 'a benefit to them', Sexton added

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Democrats and much of the Washington neoconservative establishment is increasingly focused on protecting Ukraine's borders, but is at the same time uninterested in the millions of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, Buck Sexton said Tuesday on "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show".

There have been more than half a million "encounters" between federal law enforcement officers and illegal immigrants at the Mexican border over the past 3 months, Sexton said, noting that an "encounter" is anything from a sighting of a ‘got-away’ to an arrest.

"[There were] 178,840 encounters in December," he said. "Our border is basically open. Let's talk about that for a second, because there's no interest from the Democratic Party to do anything about this, other than keeping it going. They actually think that this is of benefit to them."


Jan. 23, 2022: Fox News footage shows migrants being released into the US at Brownsville, Texas.

Jan. 23, 2022: Fox News footage shows migrants being released into the US at Brownsville, Texas.

While Democrats ignore and even encourage illegal immigrants to ignore American laws and enter into the United States, those same politicians are fully keyed into making sure Ukraine's border doesn't itself become violated, Sexton said.

"I want to put that in context with the enormous focus, that’s now going to be spent across the apparatus of our government and the media-industrial-complex for Ukraine, which, for those who, like these bits of trivia, actually means ‘borderlands’ in the Slavic language," he continued. "That's where the name comes from."

"Ukraine has been on the ‘borderland’ of what had been the Russian Empire, or the Russian Federation now, for a very long time it’s been thought of that way," Sexton added. "The very name itself means border, essentially, and now we’re being told that we have to be ready for a major crisis [there]."


Co-host Clay Travis said in terms of the Ukraine conflict itself, the U.S. and the West should be wary of how Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping and America's other adversaries will take advantage of President Biden's weakness in this regard.

"In addition to the loss of life, which was indefensible, that happened in Afghanistan, the message that that sent was that our foreign policy is weak, ineffective, inconsistent and there is no reason to trust what the Americans say," Travis said. "And now the same thing might be playing out in Ukraine and again it directly implicates what might happen in China as it pertains to Taiwan."