What Happens to the Quesadilla Lady When WalMart Moves In?

Maybe she went to Pizza Hut for the breakfast special.

  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/metrocentro-1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    el salvador metrocentro tracy lopez FNL

    A small section of Metrocentro, the first mall to open in El Salvador. With over 500 stores, Metrocentro is not only the oldest, but the largest shopping center in El Salvador.
    Tracy López
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    el salvador metrocentro pasarela tracy lopez FNL

    A "pasarela" or pedestrian walkway from hotel Real Intercontinental to Metrocentro.
    Tracy López
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    el salvador mall plaza tracy lopez FNL

    The outdoor plaza at the Gran Via, an upscale shopping center in San Salvador, El Salvador.
    Tracy López
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    El Salvador open market tracy lopez FNL

    Vendors on the streets outside El Mercado Ex-Cuartel, San Salvador.
    Tracy Lopez
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/pizzahutbreakfastline.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    el salvador pizza hut breakfast line FNL

    Pizza Hut in El Salvador serves breakfast. People line up outside the doors at the Pizza Hut in Metrocentro. (San Salvador, El Salvador.)
    Tracy López
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    el salvador walmart tracy lopez FNL

    Wal-Mart in San Salvador, El Salvador.
    Tracy López
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/707cd83e-walmartdonuts.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    El salvador tracy lopez walmart donuts FNL

    Donuts on display inside Wal-Mart, El Salvador.
    Tracy López
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