Wendy's most outrageous Twitter comebacks

For Wendy’s, quality isn’t just in the recipe- it’s in the Tweet.

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    Frozen, not fresh

    When McDonald’s announced they would soon serve fresh beef quarter-pounders, Wendy’s fired back, reminding customers the rest of McDonald's beef is still frozen.
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    Frozen feed

    When the Super Bowl broadcast was interrupted for 30 seconds, Wendy’s took the opportunity to blame McDonalds for freezing the game.
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    More than innocently clarifying, Wendy’s just had to tell the whole Twitter world that McDonald’s changes would not impress them.
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    Tweets as broken as their ice cream machine

    Taking any opportunity to roast their fast food rival, Wendy’s capitalized on a McDonald’s Twitter error to emphasize its other flaws.  
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    Roasting their rival's customers

    Wendy’s couldn’t let this fast food hack pass as a success if there were golden arches involved.
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    Taking home the W

    Not missing a beat, Wendy's couldn't pass up the opportunity to remind the Twitter world that winning is in its name.
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    Don't mess with Wendy's

    This Twitter user had to delete his tweets after Wendy's savage comebacks
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    Roaster, never roasted

    The restaurant slyly side-steps any roasts by turning them into compliments
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