Wearing Nano-Gear

Juan Hinestroza's clothes can repel toxic gases, change color, never get dirty, charge your cellphone, and it can all be in your closet within five years.

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    Cotton fibers stained with berberine sulphate and shaded to indicate depth, magnified 200X, explain this stunning image. 
    Dr. Lloyd Donaldson/Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park/Nikon Small World
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    Juan Hinestroza, 41, directs a laboratory where they are combining fashion and functionality in ways that have never been seen before.   
    Juan Hinestroza
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    The impact on emergency first responders, for instance, have the potential to be life changing. Imagine having firefighters run into burning buildings armed with surgical masks to protect themselves from toxic fumes. Soldiers, hazmat teams, and police officers that can go into chemical war zones sporting light weight cotton masks and clothing that break down the poison gases while letting in the oxygen.   
    Juan Hinestroza
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    This solar dress charges your cellphone. "There are no wires only simple stitches of cotton that is treated with nanoparticles that we developed," Hinestroza explained. "We developed technology to transmit electrons through cotton to make cotton conductive."  The dress has grabbed the attention of a few Hollywood celebrities (he wouldn't name names) who are offering $40 to 60,000 dollars for their very own of the electrifying dress.  
    Cornell University Photography, Robert Barker
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    Juan Hinestroza
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    The smart cotton can save lives but they can also make everyday life easier. The cotton can be used as a surgical mask to avoid certain toxic fumes from vehicle exhaust.  
    Juan Hinestroza
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