Want Clear Skin? Here's 4 Tips You Should Start Following ASAP

Whether you struggled with acne as a teen, you’re battling dark spots in your twenties, or you still can’t really suss out exactly how to get clear skin based on your own skin type, everyone struggles with less-than-perfect skin. READ: 10 Foods That Can Help You Get Amazing Skin In a world of constant photo-sharing and status updating, the pressure is on to constantly have clear skin … or at least find the perfect filter to look like you do. Because everyone could always use some help in the clear skin department, even if it’s just a maintenance situation, we’ve compiled four of our best tips for clear skin below. Read on to get your skin to its ideal place in no time at all:

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    Berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, plus they have a low glycemic index, so they won’t raise your blood sugar. Because sugar can stimulate a breakout, eating berries will reduce the risk of pimples.
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    Exercise is important for staying healthy and keeping your skin clear, and Dr. Ava Shamban suggests exercising for about 15 minutes a day to keep the toxins in your body at bay, and to maintain clear skin.
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    Grapefruit is packed with antioxidants, so using skin-care products containing grapefruit will help to wake up your skin and leave it feeling clean and fresh. READ: The One Thing You're Doing That's Ruining Your Skin
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    If you’re going to pop a pimple at home, do it the right way. Sterilize your hands and a small needle with rubbing alcohol, then gently puncture the whitehead of the pimple, just enough to break the skin. Using a clean cotton swab, press on either side of the pimple until it’s drained. Cover with a bandage to keep the area clean while it’s healing.
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