'Top Chef' Star Padma Lakshmi Flaunts Supermodel Body at Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala

Yes, it is possible to be a foodie and give runway models some stiff competition — just ask Padma Lakshmi. READ: Padma Lakshmi Reveals the One Guilty Pleasure She Can't Get Enough Of The "Top Chef" host and cookbook author looked as if she stepped out of the pages of a magazine on Wednesday night at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's benefit gala in New York City. Lakshmi, 46, proudly showed off her svelte shape in a strapless, hip-hugging, sunny orange gown, and completed her look with a two-layer matching beaded necklace and not much else (not that she needed it). But even in that flawless gown, would you believe Lakshmi still managed to have a wardrobe malfunction? "So this was clearly BEFORE I split my dress tonight! AND let’s hear it for some back cleavage, am I right ladies? Luckily you can’t see it here!!! #toomanysamosas," Lakshmi shared on Instagram. WATCH: Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk Reveals Her Workout Routine and Fattening Guilty Pleasure However, we’re not surprised to hear that Lakshmi isn’t afraid to indulge like the rest of us; she just so happens to be genetically blessed to hide the evidence better. "First and foremost, I never feel guilty about taking pleasure in eating any food, regardless of how healthy or gluttonous it may be," revealed Lakshmi exclusively to FOX News Magazine. "That said, I try not to eat fried chicken too many days in a row … The healthiest kitchen habit I recommend is to pick a weekend day or evening when you would normally be binge-watching Netflix, and use that time to precut your staple veggies for the week." Clearly, Lakshmi’s tip works. Take a look at how she strutted her stuff on the red carpet, alongside the several other models in attendance:

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    TV Personality Padma Lakshmi attends the Elton John Aids Foundation's 15th Annual "An Enduring Vision" Benefit at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.
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    Fashion Model Anna Cleveland

    Associated Press
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    Posing on the Red Carpet

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    Fashion Model Alina Baikova

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    Victoria's Secret PINK Model Rachel Hilbert

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    Victoria's Secret Model Cindy Bruna

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    Fashion Model Tali Lennox

    Associated Press
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    Victoria's Secret Model Devon Windsor

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    Fashion Model Anja Rubik

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    Model/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hopeful Jasmine Sanders

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