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  • The S.S. United States, Then and Now
  • The S.S. United States carried more than 1.5 million passengers across the Atlantic, including presidents and celebrities, before retiring in 1969.
  • The liner now sits, rusting away, in a shipyard in Philadelphia.
  • The bar was once a gleaming lounge for passengers.
  • The ship's barroom is currently in disrepair.
  • The crow's nest is seen during the ship's heyday.
  • The ship, while in disrepair, isn't beyond restoring, argues a conservancy group.
  • The dining area was once a colorful, inviting space.
  • The area has since been stripped of its ornate decorations.
  • The liner's exterior is seen as it appeared during the ship's tenure.
  • Today, the rusty liner is stored at a shipyard at a cost of $60,000 per month.
  • The S.S. United States housed a theater, among other leisure and recreational spaces.
  • The same room looks much different today.
  • A small pool is shown as it appeared near the end of the ship's run.
  • The pool area, today, is much less inviting.
  • The promenade is photographed as it appeared in the ship's day.
  • The same promenade, stripped of its deck chairs, looks much different.
  • The ship's deck hosted lively games of shuffleboard.
  • The faint traces of the shuffleboard court can still be seen today.
  • This room, which housed a lounge, is now empty.
  • The lounge is seen as it appeared in the '50s.