Seeking Smoother Skin? Try These 4 Fabulous Toners

Ah, the facial toner — a thing you’ve been told you absolutely need to use, but you actually have no idea why, or what facial toners even do. It’s cool; that’s why we’re here. READ: What's the Point of Toner Anyway? In the most basic of explanations, natural toners do exactly as their name suggests: tone and prep your skin for the rest of your skin-care products while replenishing what your skin barrier lost through cleansing. Necessary? Not totally. Unless, of course, you want amazing-looking skin. Toners of yesteryear were generally geared toward oily, acne-prone skin and filled with horribly irritating ingredients like alcohol and fragrances. But the (good) toners of today are specifically formulated for a bunch of different skin types, with a mix of antioxidants, powerful hydrators and natural acne-fighters. Just swipe one on with a cotton ball after cleansing, wait for your skin to dry, then continue with your normal skin-care routine. It’s that simple — and yes, they really do work. READ: 5 At-Home Beauty Tricks That Will Change Your Life Still, unless you’re a cosmetic chemist or an ingredient nerd, it’s tough to separate the good from the bad toners, though we will say it’s almost always safer to go with a natural product with recognizable ingredients. To make it even easier on you, we rounded up four natural toners for every skin type. Pick your favorite, add it to your regimen, then marvel at the fact that you finally own toner and understand what it does:





    For red and irritated skin… Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner $11 at /


    For hormonal, acne-prone skin… SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner $10 at /


    For dull, blah skin… Valley Green Naturals Replenishing Perfection Skin Brightening Toner $11.99 at /


    For skin that’s prone to dark spots and red marks… Burt’s Bees Brightening Refining Tonic $12 at /
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