On the Go? Try These 4 Top-Rated Rollerball Perfumes

If you’re not obsessed with rollerball perfumes, then we don’t even know you. (Actually, we don’t know you. Hi, we’re the editors of StyleCaster, and we are obsessed with rollerball perfumes). WATCH: Paris Hilton Gives Tips to Guys on Buying Perfume Because unlike their full-size counterparts, rollerballs don’t cost a freaking fortune or become dust collectors on your vanity — and they won't launch a full-scale TSA investigation if you leave one in your carry-on. In fact, we don’t know why the world hasn’t been hooked on these tiny bottles of liquid happiness before now. And we want to change that. READ: How to Create a Signature Scent Our editors personally hand-picked the prettiest of the pretty rollerballs from a lineup of (almost) all this season’s top-rated rollerballs, then sat around swatching, sniffing, coughing, and headache-ing until we narrowed it down to our favorites. And we did it all for you, new best friend. Below, our roundup of best-smelling rollerballs that are as easy on your bank account as they are on your eyes.

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    Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle We've never been to the Mediterranean, but if it smells anything like this crisp, grapefruit and citrus-scented fragrance, buy us a one-way ticket ASAP, please. $28 at Aerin.com
    Aerin.com / StyleCaster.com
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    Balenciaga B. If a grassy field field and a cedar tree had a baby, it would smell like Balenciaga B: woody, earthy, and just a little bit sweet. $28 at Sephora.com
    Sephora.com / StyleCaster.com
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    Chloé Signature Fresh, clean and sharply floral, this perfume envelops skin in a decidedly feminine scent. $28 at Sephora.com
    Sephora.com / StyleCaster.com
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    Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black At first whiff, this fragrance is dark and musky. But within a few minutes, the scent transform into warm vanilla and sandalwood. Would you expect anything less complex from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson? $25 at Net-a-Porter.com
    net-a-porter.com / StyleCaster.com
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