Omneo: A digital way to keep the memory of loved ones alive

Omneo Group, a Spanish start-up, is embracing the social and technical revolution and exploring a new – and inevitable – frontier: death. Using a chip and a website, people are able to create online profiles with stories, videos and photos that can be shared with family and friends.



    Christian Crews, CEO of omneo (R) with the omneo resting system and the owners of a Miami funeral home.


    omneo Rest: a secure display system, designed by Jorge Varela, to hold omeno memorials at a cemetery or in the home.


    omneo Memorial solidifies the deceased's ashes into the cube sculpture.


    omneo Rest with self-adhesive and weather resistant Tap device attached, containing NFC technology which can be accessed with a smart phone.




    Tap can be affixed to a headstone or the omneo resting system, allowing users to access using a smart phone.
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