No Sweat: 5 Beauty Must-Haves for a Gorgeous Summer Look

The warm summer days have arrived, and they're just begging you to change up your beauty routine with new hues, new products, and even less makeup. But no matter how you apply, you'll need to make sure of one thing: Is everything melt-proof? READ: 6 Ways to Fight Hair Frizz This season is all about capturing the sunny days we dreamed about all winter, so why waste time primping and touching up when you can beat the heat with some great makeup tricks? Downsize your beauty regimen with a few of my favorite products and lock in your beauty for hours of endless summer fun.




    Seek Proper Coverage

    Summer skin should be touchable and luminescent, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing necessary coverage and correction for any trouble areas. In lieu of a regular foundation, opt for your favorite brand in a BB, CC, tinted moisturizer or even multi-focus foundation (with an SPF of 15+) to cover all your bases. Thanks to advances in cosmetic technology, most brands offer you coverage, antioxidant fighting power and SPF all in one. Try: Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15. $80,

    Opt for a Spritz

    Refreshing, toning and setting, priming sprays are my favorite item to lock in my look for long-lasting coverage. These sprays not only help battle humidity, but they keep your face cool and set your makeup for hours on end.  Try: Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray. $35,

    Proof It

    When it comes to buying beauty products for the sizzling summer season, you'll want to look out for hot key terms like "sweat-proof," "water-proof" and "smudge-proof." These formulas can be found in mascaras, eyeshadows, liners and more.  Try: BECCA Beach Tiny (For Lips and Cheeks). $25, Try: Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer. $30, Try: Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour. $24, Try: Mile High Lashes Mascara. $25,

    Towels Please

    No time need be spent in the sun to achieve a natural, long-lasting wash of color — try a body bronzer that delivers flawless color seamlessly. My favorite products are bronzing towels, which pack a punch with great ingredients to create a polished effect, minus the mess. Their compact packaging is easy to pop in any purse or pocket, making it a must-have for women on the go. And though many brands are specifically labeled for the body, providing separate towelettes for the face, I like to use the body towels as an all-in-one. I begin with my body, then move to my face, neck and ears, followed by the décolletage, and then use whatever remains on my hands and feet. Following these steps will offer multi-purpose use of your towels and also create a naturally graduated tan. Try: Full Body Classic Self-Tan Towelettes 5 Pack. $27,


    Luminescent skin is always in. For the summer, skip the drying matte powders and instead look for blotting sheets or shine-free cream formulas that will minimize unwanted shine, all while letting your skin breathe. You can use a brush or apply on-the-spot with your fingers to quell any shine. Try: Invisible Finish Powderless Powder. $52,
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