Lolita Fashion Hits Tijuana

Inspired by the growing popularity of Anime, a group of 20somethings in Mexico are bringing back the 1970s style.



    Daniella Michel (L) Claudia Cardenas (C) and Fatima Kato (R) are inspired to dress in what’s called “Lolita Fashion”—a style they say fits who they feel they really are.   


    "We’re choosing to dress like this. You have to have a secure, confidant, and most of all fierce attitude dress in Lolita,” Fatima Kato (in photo) says.


    Gisselle Meza


    We’re pleasing ourselves not the world. It makes me feel free. Showing myself in a different way,” says Daniella Michel (in photo).


    Stephanie Gonzalez


    The fashion of Lolita dates back to the 1970s when Japanese clothing brands like Pink House and Milk and Pretty began selling clothing in the style. The style is a subculture of fashion given rise from the popularity of Anime and, by the early 1990s, Japanese girl band Princess, Princess aka Puri-Pun.
    Fatima Kato


    The women casually stroll through the street of downtown Tijuana, dressed modestly in Victorian-era clothing.
    Jeanette Carrillo


    Lolita Lorenzo Gomez.
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