L.A. taquería offers 'El Chapo'-themed menu

Southeast L.A Mexican restaurant Los Tacos Desvelados offers a fun eating experience with El Chapo themed menu. (All photos by Marcia Facundo/Fox News Latino)

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    taquería wall and chapo altar.jpg

    LOS ANGELES - A young boy sits at a table in Los Tacos Desvelados against one of the taquería's graffiti style walls. To the right is an altar dedicated to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
    Marcia Facundo
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    taqueria menu

    LOS ANGELES - An El Chapo themed menu written in chalk adorns the wall in the popular Mexican eatery.
    Marcia Facundo
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    CU chapo shrine

    LOS ANGELES - A small altar dedicated to El Chapo rests in one of the corners of Los Tacos Desvelados.
    Marcia Facundo
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    Fabricio Ramirez next to chapo altar

    LOS ANGELES - Los Tacos Desvelados owner Fabricio Ramirez stands next to the El Chapo altar displayed in his restaurant.
    Marcia Facundo
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    LOS ANGELES - A glimpse of the walls in Los Tacos Desvelados decorated with graffiti artistry and posters.
    Marcia Facundo
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    taqueria wall 1

    LOS ANGELES - One of the artfully painted walls of Los Tacos Desvelados.
    Marcia Facundo
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