Judaism Converts Find Acceptance In Mexico City

Known as conversos, or secret Jews, many Latin Americans have became Catholic in public while continuing their forbidden Jewish practices in private.

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    Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn officiates at the Jewish wedding of Eyal & Rebeca Wong, Mexico City, Mexico.
    Paul Ross
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    Beatriz Villacaña performs ladino songs at the recent Brit Braja conference in Mexico City.
    Paul Ross
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    Israel Rocha, who become a leader in Brit Braja in Mexico City musically assists at religious services with song.
    Paul Ross
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    Edgar Mendez, a former priest, delivered a powerful talk at the recent Brit Braja conference in Mexico City.
    Paul Ross
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    A beit din questions a would-be convert as part of final test before his acceptance into the Jewish community.
    Paul Ross
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    During Sabbath service, Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn hands a torah to new convert Charton Baggio, who came all the way from Brazil for the proceedings in Mexico City.
    Paul Ross
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    Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn presides over a mikvah (ritual bath) in a spring-fed pool for convert Francisco Brambilla, Mexico City, Mexico.
    Paul Ross
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    Raul and Margarita Martinez read prayers in Hebrew at a recent service in Mexico City.
    Paul Ross
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