Halle Berry's Sexiest Style Moments

When Halle Berry made an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” this week, the Academy Award-winning actress made sure all eyes were on her. READ: The Most Talked-About Acceptance Speeches in Oscar History The 46-year-old Bond Girl showed off her assets in a strapless little black dress with a plunging neckline, which proved somewhat distracting for the 62-year-old talk show host. If there's one thing Berry knows about fashion, it's how to pick the most flattering pieces. Want to take a page from her style book? It's all about playing up the best parts of your figure, says Sharon Graubard, Senior Vice President at Stylesight. "Halle Berry has a killer body and great skin, so she can wear anything she chooses, including super-revealing plunges and body-hugging silhouettes," Graubard explains. "Regular women can channel her style by showing off their assets one at a time," she adds. "If you have great legs, wear a high slit. Beautiful cleavage? Wear a plunging neckline — but make sure it all fits smoothly and no bra shows. Less than perfect skin? Wear a dress or top with sheer illusion panels that veil the skin. If you have Berry-worthy curves, but are not comfortable showing skin, wear a body-con dress with a high neck and long sleeves. A strapless top with slim pants will channel Bond Girl style and still look elegant." See what we mean below.

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    The BET Honors

    Standing on the red carpet in 2013.
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    Posing on arrival in 2012.
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    68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

    Making a grand entrance in 2011.
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    67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

    Checking out the photo room in 2010.
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    Showing off her curves in 2007.
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    Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Accepting her star in 2007.
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    Attending a photocall in 2007.
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    BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards

    Proving she's got legs in 2006.
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    57th Annual Emmy Awards

    Presenting the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a miniseries or a movie in 2005.
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    74th Annual Academy Awards

    Presenting the award for Achievement in Sound in 2002.
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