Get Glowing With 4 of Spring's Dreamiest Beauty Products

Relax — it’s fine that you’ve been in a total rut since November. It’s natural; everyone has. But winter is just about over, and spring is just around the corner (and all that), so now’s the time to get excited about, well, everything. The future is bright! READ: Spring Cleaning for Your Skin A season doesn’t happen unless you’ve got the proper beauty products for the occasion (that’s real science; you can quote me on it), so get very, very excited to spend money and brainpower — decisions, decisions — on these four spring must-haves. Whether they’re brand-new releases or updated versions of old favorites, there’s nothing not to love. Or not to buy, rather:





    Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen There’s literally no excuse for not wearing sunscreen, but if you struggle with “remembering” to apply it, this SPF 30 stick makes easy work of your plight. It moisturizes with beeswax and avocado oil, and coats the skin to stay on all day, which sounds unpleasant, but it's really quite lightweight. Plus, it’s pretty cute and fits into any purse or beach bag. See what we mean? No excuses. $30,


    Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color An intensely pigmented lip stain with a finish so glossy you could probably see your reflection in it? Yes please! In four bold, bright colors, there’s something for everyone … except for the shrinking violet. $52,


    SK-II Mid-Day Essence Spray Your (and everyone else’s) favorite hydrating, skin-brightening essence, in travel-/purse-/life-friendly face-mist packaging. Crucial for long flights, refreshing makeup, and anything you ever have to do after 2 p.m. $80, READ: Add Some Flower Power to Your Wardrobe


    LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush If you like it bright — and of course you do — you can layer this blush to make it pop. You also have the option of not applying half the pan, but hey, when you want color, you want color. $22,
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