Faces of the Immigrant Archive Project

Tony Hernandez's Immigrant Archive Project gives a face and name to immigration by documenting the journey that brought them to the United States.

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    The hardship that Tony Hernandez's family endured in revolutionary Cuba led him to the United States. His immigrant experience informs his life's work. The Immigrant Archive Project chronicles quintessentially American immigration stories. A Look at Tony Hernandez's Story.
    Pablo Garcia
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    Edward James Olmos

    Edward James Olmos is an American actor, producer, director and the son of a Mexican immigrant. Today, Olmos is also a highly regarded activist in the U.S. Latino community. Olmos may be a celebrity, but that doesn't mean his story gets better placement on the Immigrant Archive Project website than, say, a migrant farm worker, Hernandez says.  Edward James Olmos Story
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    Ralph De La Vega

    At the age of 10, Ralph de la Vega found himself alone in Miami, without his parents, not a penny in his pocket, and unable to speak English. Today, he is president and CEO of AT&T Mobility. Ralph de la Vega's Story  
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    Mario Gamboa

    Mario Gamboa emigrated from Peru with his family in 2003. Gamboa and his team of volunteer instructors have taught thousands of immigrants to read and write. Mario Gamboa's Story
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    John Green

    John Green was three months old when he emigrated from Bolivia with his single mother.
    Today, John Green has earned a Master's Degree and works in the United States Congress. John Green's Story
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    Lydia Fener

    Lydia Fener was on vacation in Miami when she fell in love with an American. A year later she moved from Madrid to join him. Today, Ms. Fener lives with her family in Miami, where she teaches at a local elementary school. Lydia Fener's Story
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    Lisset Landa

    Lisset Landa crossed the Mexican border with her mother and infant sister at the age of five. Landa is now a naturalized citizen, and works as a corrections officer in the California state prison system. Lisset Landa's Story
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    Jorge Mursuli

    Jorge Mursuli emigrated from Cuba with his family to Brooklyn, New York, in 1967. Mr. Mursuli is president & CEO of Democracia Ahora, a Hispanic civic organization. Jorge Mursuli's Story
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    Alex Nogales

    Alex Nogales is the son of Mexican migrant farm workers. Today, Nogales is the president & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition. Alex Nogales Story
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    Shoba Shah

    IAP doesn't only record the stories of Hispanic immigrants. A concerted effort is made to chronicle the immigrant experience of various ethnicities. Shoba Shah was 13 when she arrived from India with her parents. Shah now resides in Orange County, California, where she works in the communications field. Shoba Shah's Story
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    Noe Cesar

    Noe Cesar was in grade school when he arrived from Haiti with his mother and siblings. Noe Cesar is a celebrity fashion consultant and resides in Miami, Florida. Noe Cesar's Story
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    Susi Shiam

    Susi Shiam was in the 7th grade, when her family moved from Korea to Southern California. Shiam is now a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles. Susi Shiam's Story
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