Celebs Take the Plunge With Low-Cut Couture in Paris

Apparently, the dress code for this party was “How low can you go?” PHOTOS: Celebs Love Their Daring Dresses In celebration of a successful month in fashion, as well as the launch of CR Fashion Book’s fifth issue, a slew of celebs opted to go extremely low cut with their couture on Tuesday in Paris. The Daily Mail reports that the theme of the night was actually “Inspired By Carine,” which is a reference to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld. The famous guests in attendance went for chic black ensembles, exposing loads of skin with plunging necklines. And according to fashion experts, sometimes taking the (extremely deep) plunge has its benefits, aside from stirring headlines. READ: Low Low Cut Dresses Are In–But How Low Should You Go? “Simply put, the V-beck shape is just flattering,” says Los Angeles-based personal stylist Laurie Brucker. “Wearing a V-neck can instantly make you look taller and slimmer. Why? When you show more neckline in your look, it will elongate the appearance of your neck, which in turn makes you look taller. That same illusion of elongation also makes you appear slimmer. It’s style magic at its best.” And it looks like these supermodels, reality TV stars and actresses all got the memo. See the daring looks for yourself below: 

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    Associated Press
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    Cara Delevingne

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    Carine Roitfeld

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    Joan Smalls

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    Kendall Jenner

    With friend.
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    Kim Kardashian

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    Miranda Kerr

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    Paris Hilton

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    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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    Selena Gomez

    Associated Press
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