Celebrity Stylist Anthony Pazos Has 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Hairstyle for the Holidays

Think holiday hair is just sparkles and not much else? Guess again. READ: Anthony Pazos Reveals 6 Ways to Tame Frizz We’re about to embark on the season of non-stop parties and get-togethers with loved ones — it's just too bad we'll be doing it during the bone-freezing months of winter. Between fighting the brisk winds, combating hat hair, and immersing ourselves in a sea of hairspray so that every single strand stays in place for that swanky soiree, our tresses haven't been looking so hot lately. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. This is the season of giving after all, so why not give your hair some love? Celebrity hairstylist Anthony Pazos knows a thing or two about glamorous hair transformations for special occasions. He’s worked with stars like Beyonce, the Kardashians, and boy band One Direction, just to name a few. And while his clientele just so happens to include some of the top celebs in Hollywood, he believes that anyone can achieve red carpet-worthy hair for the holiday season with just a few simple tricks and tips. READ: 8 Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair in Your Sleep Seriously, drop the glittery headband — you don’t really need it to become the highlight of the office party (or any event, for that matter). Check out Pazos’s six tips for giving your hair a much-needed holiday upgrade:

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    Update Your Tools "Updating your hairstyle involves updating your tools," says Pazos. "For the best in flat irons, throw away your traditional ceramic-plated iron and flat-iron like a pro. Titanium-plated flat irons by BaByliss are all the rage, and the great thing about it is that it only takes one pass through to achieve the desired straightness." While some may be hesitant to splurge on hair tools, quality items mean less time under the heat, which is the major culprit behind damage. Plus, they're designed to last, which means you'll get more bang for your buck.
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    Boost Your Blowout "The perfect blowout is always a great way to add lift and elegance to your hairstyle," says Pazos. "For the added punch, spray Zotos TEASEless Volumizing Powder Spray at the root and wrap Velcro rollers at the crown to for added volume." Look for a hair product to pair with your blowout that's specifically created to unleash plenty of bounce, volume and much-needed oomph to your mane, especially if your hair is naturally on the thin, limp side.
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    Try a Chic Ponytail Prefer a hairstyle that's runway-ready, but also being simple to achieve? Never underestimate the power of the classic ponytail. "Clean and sleek ponytails are a great way to look fashionable this season," says Pazos. "Use a high-quality hair gel, like Redken Hardwear 16 to create this look, and comb with a big-tooth comb to create a more intentional effect. This look is super easy to create and awesome if you're in a time pinch." And if you're thinking hair gel could only mean an unwanted '80s poof, don't fret — just avoid products featuring a high alcohol content, which will dry out your hair, creating a strawlike consistency.
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    Get the Ultimate Hair Accessory "The fringe was all the rave this fall, and it's a great way to change long, lifeless hair," says Pazos. "Pairing face-framing layers with long layers updates this look as well." Got a shoulder sweeping lob or a shorter bob haircut? No problem. The right fringe instantly creates a whole new look for your face, all while giving you a youthful appearance. It's highly recommended you visit a trusted hairstylist who can help you create the right fringe for your features.
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    Trim Your Ends "Cutting length from the bottom of your hair is another way to update your look," adds Pazos. "We’re seeing heavyweight lines that create a dramatic effect perfect for layered wardrobes."  Another perk? A trim will eliminate those pesky split ends, which causes unwanted breakage. Plus, a quick cut will promote growth and give your tresses a healthy, shiny look.
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    Try a Sideswept Look If you're not ready to commit and get a fringey 'do, consider sideswept bangs instead. It creates the illusion of thicker hair, without compromising on length. Plus, they're easier to style and look great on everyone — a major win. "Deep parts with a side bang is a great look for this season," says Pazos. "It's a way to update your look and be on-trend." And if you really can't commit, Pazos suggests trying on clip-on bangs for an instant "look changer without the commitment."
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