Celebrating Three Kings Day

For many Latinos, Christmas lasts until Jan. 6th, when Los Tres Reyes Magos arrive in their home bearing gifts. 

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    The Wise Men's name are Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchior.
    Angela Santos
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    The gifts the Wise Men bring to children represent, in biblical scripture, the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to Christ.
    Angela Santos
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    On the evening of January 6, many families eat Rosca de Reyes and drink hot chocolate.
    Angela Santos
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    Bakeries bake the plastic baby figurines into the Rosca.
    Angela Santos
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    Depending on the tradition you follow, getting a plastic baby figurine in your piece of break could mean you're lucky, or it could mean you have to buy tamales for your family.
    Angela Santos
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    Many Latino families leave their Christmas decoration out until after Three Kings Day, when they honor the Three Wise Men.
    Ludwig Sánchez
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    The star represents the star that the Wise Men followed to find baby Jesus.
    Angela Santos
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    Many Mexican children put their shoes under the Christmas tree the night before Three Kings Day so the Wise Men know where to put their gifts. 
    Angela Santos
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    Latino markets stock their shelves with Rosca de Reyes for the holiday. 
    Angela Santos
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    A Latino market in Utah gears up for the big holiday.
    Angela Santos
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    Isaí Sánchez poses for a picture before releasing his balloon for the Wise Men to find.
    Ludwig Sánchez
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    Isaí Sánchez takes his first look at his Three Kings Day gifts.
    Ludwig Sánchez
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    Isaí Sánchez shows the letter he wrote to the Wise Men.
    Ludwig Sánchez
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