Brighten Up the Bleak Season With These 4 Bold Eyeshadows

Wen Pocahontas dreamily sang, "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?" she clearly wasn’t talking to a bunch of cold-weather haters, bracing themselves for the dismal, monochromatic abyss of winter. WATCH: How to Get Giada's Smoky Eyes From October to February, the most-colorful thing you’ll see on a human being is the green logo of their Starbucks cup, and that fact makes us sad. So we’re ignoring it. We’re saying screw it to the beauty "norm" and to our usual lineup of neutral brown eyeshadows and barely-there liners, and we’re diving face first into color — bright, amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing color. From burnished-orange powders to metallic-blue creams, we’ve picked out the best, most-wearable eyeshadows that literally anyone and everyone should be wearing this season. And the best part about them? The more haphazardly they’re applied, the edgier and more and purposeful they look. READ: How to Mke Brown Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup Go forth and paint with reckless abandon, and then come back and tell us what Pocahontas was really singing about.





    MAC's Eyeshadow in Sketch A burgundy with red shimmer. $16 at /


    Motives' Paint Pot Mineral Eyeshadow in Rust A highly pigmented loose shadow that is talc- and oil-free. Velvety-smooth and unbelievably blendable, these vibrant, stay-true shades won't smudge, run or fade. $22.50 at /


    Make Up For Ever's Star Powder in Yellow Gold The Star Powder is a silky powder that catches the light and gives the skin an intense sparkle and unparalleled shine. $20 at /


    Dior's Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Reveuse An eye shadow with a weightless finish that blends onto the eyelid, dressing it with color and facets of shadow and light. $31 at /
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