8 Ways to Capture Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s Style

Forget calling her Mrs. George Clooney. Amal Alamuddin can be best described as “a triple threat.” READ: Sandra Bullock Says She 'Booty Calls' George Clooney Not only is the 36-year-old Lebanese-born British beauty a renowned human rights lawyer, but she managed to tie down Hollywood’s most famous bachelor, and she has an envious personal style that’s making women everywhere swoon. “Why are we fascinated? Have you looked at her? Seriously, she is tall, naturally skinny, and is a risk-taker,” says celebrity stylist James Cornwell. “She mixes classic pieces with standout accessories, such as hats and edgy jackets. Also, she never looks overdone, and most of the world can relate to her not being over-styled. It’s effortless for Amal. Plus, she stole a major Hollywood heartthrob!” Chances are we won’t be snagging a celebrity beau anytime soon, but we still can get some major style inspiration from a woman who’s making the world take notice of her couture alone. Yes, it’s possible to make it work like Alamuddin. READ: The Many Other Loves of George Clooney Several celebrity stylists weigh in on their major do's and don’ts for capturing some of Alamuddin’s personal style and adding it to your wardrobe:

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    Customize Your Couture

    Truthfully, Alamuddin’s ballerina-esque physique allows her to wear nearly any kind of outfit effortlessly. But even if you don’t have a super slender frame, you can still be just as chic with the help of one person who knows your figure perfectly. “One of the biggest tips I can give is to consider having a great tailor,” says Cornwell. “Body shapes are different, but you can re-create a great look you see on someone like Amal, especially if you spend a little extra money to have a similar outfit altered to fit your shape.”
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    Get Shades to Enhance Your Face

    Looking to easily amp up an outfit for an occasion — even for something as simple as running errands? All you need is a pair of sunglasses for your face shape. While Alamuddin uses hers to shield from paparazzi flashbulbs, yours will protect you from damaging sun rays, which can cause premature aging. Not only will sunglasses enhance your natural features, but they will also maintain your youthful glow. READ: Why Sunglasses Seem to Make Everyone Better Looking, Scientifically
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    Keep it Simple

    Who says you need to wear a neon hue just to stand out? Alamuddin keeps her colors simple, which gives her room to be creative with a unique pair of stilettos, a new bag, or even jewelry. When shopping, stylists recommend looking for colors that enhance your skin tone, as opposed to going for shades that are strictly on-trend. “If you want to channel Amal’s look, trying going monochromatic — wearing varying shades of the same neutral tone head-to-toe — and pop your look with one bright color or interesting pattern,” says Lauren Vacula, a Share Some Style personal stylist from Philadelphia. “Finish your ensemble with a classic bag and a great pair of polished pumps, booties or ballet flats.”
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    Don't Overdo the Makeup

    “Make sure your makeup is minimal and tasteful,” says model and style expert Jaimie Hilfiger. “No one wants to step out of the house wearing a lady-like ensemble with purple eye shadow. Keep colors neutral and simple. If you are confused on what makeup style to do, go for a timeless red lip.” If going red hot with your pout seems too bold for you, consider a soft pink shade, another favorite of Alamuddin’s.
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    When in Doubt, Add a Hat

    “Don’t shy away from a large hat,” says style expert Hilary Kennedy. “Amal has worn some beautiful large-brimmed hats, and they do double-duty by hiding a bad hair day and creating a chic ensemble!”
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    Stock Up on Basics

    Stylists note that Alamuddin’s look is surprisingly simple, and one that can often be worn to the office as well as a swanky affair. The secret? She’s a fan of basics designed to fit her body. “To achieve her look, every woman needs some great pencil skirts of all lengths and a few stylish silk blouses of different cuts and colors, as well as a great stiletto shoe,” says celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson. “She understands that less is more, and you never see her in overly-complicated pieces. Don’t make your outfit too complicated or overly colorful. Soft neutrals and solids work best.”
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    Create Instant Glamour

    Can’t live without your little black dress? Create instant glamour with the one accessory every woman should have: “Chandelier earrings add pizazz,” explains Kennedy. “Even with a dramatic lip, Amal isn’t afraid to rock large earrings and neither should you. For the workday, stick with studs and small hoops. For happy hour and everything else in between, a large pair of earrings can add punch to any outfit.”
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    Have Fun

    While Alamuddin’s style is simple and sophisticated, she also isn’t afraid to experiment with fashion when out and about. From bold vertical stripes to structured florals, she enjoys discovering which styles and patterns enhance her shape best, as well as wearing them out when not attending a red carpet event alongside her famous husband. “For the fashionista in you, go for an edgier look and check out Amal’s street style,” says California-based personal stylist Nicole Busch of Share Some Style. “She isn’t afraid of prints or patterns, from accessorizing with leather accents to a cropped lace top. Amal is a true style chameleon.”
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