6 Professional Hair Hacks Favored By Celebrity Glam Squads

Celebrities have the best lives: posh spa treatments, all the best designer clothes, beautiful homes, exotic cars they never drive, and excursions to destinations we only dream of going. In simpler terms, it's the lifestyle of the rich and famous. They have the best of the best — including a seasoned glam squad. A team of knowledgeable hair stylists that know every trick in the book for getting beautiful hair to match their beautiful makeup and beautiful dresses. READ: Losing Hair? This Common Product Might Be to Blame How many times have we all wished for their life, just for the perks of not having to lift a finger to look amazing? But trust me, celebrities are regular people just like you and me, and someone — at some point during a styling session — taught them an awesome hair hack. You know, they were told about a product that's not really made for hair, but when used on your tresses works better than products that were made to do the same thing. If you can't have an on-call stylist, at least you can be privy to what tricks the stars use to be epic! Here's a few of my favorites:

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    Photo courtesy of Fashion Hendricks
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    Cayenne Pepper Nature’s own cayenne pepper is a great treatment for hair loss. It's a natural, cost-effective way to bring your hair back to health from thinning due to stress or hormone imbalances. Yes, Rogaine, biotin and viviscal will help as well, but if you can use a product that's effective minus the high price tag, I say it's worth a try. Celebrities are all in when it comes to holistic healing, and now you can be too. Cayenne pepper is known to help with blood circulation. It also wakes up non-active hair follicles for faster hair growth. Cayenne pepper tincture is available at drugstores, so make sure you follow directions and consult a doctor before trying it. (Blondes be careful, as the color of the pepper can change the hue of your hair.)
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    Vodka It doesn't have to be your favorite brand, because after all, you're not actually drinking it. Sure, it’s great for mixed cocktails, but it's also great to improve hair shine. Just mix it with your shampoo and work it into a lather. Make sure you don't have any open sores or irritation to your skin to minimize irritation. READ: 7 Ingenious Uses For Beer (Aside From Drinking It)
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    Mascara Of course you want your lashes to be full and long, but multi-task that wand! Mascara is the best way to hide pesky grays. When your tube gets too dry for your eyelashes, don't throw it away: Save it for your stubborn grays that don't react well to hair color. What I love about this hair hack is that it's cheap and doesn't change the texture of your own hair.
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    Shower Cap Note: You'll need to turn on your air conditioner for this one. Shower caps are already used to keep our hair dry when we shower. But for those of us that have excessive curly hair textures, wearing a shower cap overnight while you sleep can help retain moisture we need to keep hair soft. Yes, you'll be a little hot, but it's worth the sweat. Try it for one night and thank me later.
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    Olive Oil We've all heard of using olive oil as a hot oil treatment for our hair. It's natural and moisturizing and penetrates the cuticle layer of our strands well. I tell clients to use it on their braids before they remove them to help detangle the hair. As if olive oil doesn't already have enough demands and responsibility, this next trick will save you from losing a few strands: Soak your hair ties in olive oil. Doing so will help the band from tangling when removing it. RELATED: 12 Completely Unexpected Beauty Uses for Olive Oil
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    Eyeliner Do you have a few spots in your hair that you wish didn't look so thin? Maybe when you part your hair it looks too wide. A fast fix is to color the thinner areas of your scalp with eyeliner. It's easy to apply thin light strokes that mimic hair strands. Smudge it in a little for an added natural look.
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