6 Outdoor Furniture Makeovers Under $100

Tis the season for enjoying your outdoor space. READ: Easy Outdoor Upgrades Under $75 But if your outdoor furniture is looking a little weathered, it might be time for an update. Before you splurge on a new patio set, consider giving what you already own a makeover. READ: How To Grow A Healthy Garden (And Actually Use It) Here are some inexpensive, do-it-yourself tutorials we found that will inspire you to breathe new life into your well-loved outdoor furniture:

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    Melissa Molitor
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    Restored Wood Outdoor Table

    You might think salvaging old, rotting wood is a hopeless cause, but Mr. & Mrs. Woodsy prove that it's not. With a little bit of spray paint, wood stain, and drill power, they were able to restore this outdoor table for less than $10! Click here to see how they did it.
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    Chaise Loungers

    Sometimes, all it takes is new upholstery to spruce things up. With minimal handiwork and a little sewing, Laura Janning swapped the old, torn fabric from these chaise loungers for some brightly-striped canvas. Check out tutorial here.
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    Subway Tile Table Makeover

    Subway tile may be a popular material for bathrooms and kitchen back splashes, but Jennifer Hadfield used it to makeover her picnic table. We'd never guess that she purchased the tile from Lowe's for under $100! Check out her tutorial here. READ: Looking For High Quality Tile? Here's Where to Find It.
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    Garden Chair Compare

    Interior designer Melissa Molitor took a white, vintage outdoor dining set to new heights by spray painting them bright, neon, and bold colors. While she purchased the set for over $100, the spray paint alone only cost her $5 per can.
    Melissa Molitor
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    Chic Picnic Table Overhaul

    We love this trendy picnic table makeover from Kiki Comin. Check out Kiki & Company, where she demonstrates how she gave it a super chic overhaul.
    Kiki Comin
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    Little Tikes Car Makeover

    Don't forget about the kids! Little Tikes Cozy Coup is practically a childhood staple. If your child happens to have a well-loved model fading away, why not give it an upgrade?  Molly Wagner did just that, with some Krylon spray paint and a little fine-brush detailing. Check out her handiwork here.
    Molly Wagner
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