5 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know

There are a handful of tricks that can round out any gal's beauty routine for long-lasting, drop-dead results. But when it comes down to it, there's only five beauty tricks you need to know for instant gorgeous features. READ: Matte Makeup Tips From an Emmy Award-Winning Master Makeup Artist Exclusively for Fox News Magazine readers, I'm sharing my latest tips and tricks for capturing classic trends, all while providing gentle reminders on how you can boost your beauty routine from average to flawless. Think you know them already? Guess again! Read on and find out what you've been missing:

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    Maximize Your Lashes

    Every gal wants a set of thick luscious lashes, but we all know there’s only a select few in the world who are actually blessed with them. For those of us who aren't, we can create the illusion of a fuller lash line with the quick application of either a pencil or powder eyeliner pressed into your existing lash line. This creates dimension and fullness without a set of falsies, and helps your mascara speak volumes for your lashes. To do this, wiggle your eyeliner or tapered eyeliner brush into your lash line and between each lash. Then, smudge gently so there is no detectable line to be seen. I love to use black, black/brown, or even a dark plum to really make the eye color and lash line pop. RELATED: How to Achieve the Perfect Cat-Eye
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    Protect Your Beauty

    Without fail, the simplest way to protect your beauty and create a lasting impression is to wear sunscreen. There’s no trick here, unless you count the dramatic results you'll cherish after having avoided the deteriorating effects of the sun and its rays. Whether you apply your SPF using a single product on top of your moisturizer or incorporated your favorite foundation/powder and lip color, the extra effort will guarantee your beauty for years to come. I recommend looking for beauty protects that already incorporate SPF/UVA protection, just to make things easier. Here’s a tip: Some studies even show greater protection is achieved in layering your sunscreens through moisturizer, makeup and powder. Fabulous!
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    Define Your Assets

    Contouring can take your face from pretty to incredibly flawless. The difference is that contouring maximized your assets in the most flattering way. Choose either a bronzer or powder that is a tone or two darker than your natural skin tone. Draw the number "3" along each side of your face. Start on your forehead and graze the top of your hairline, gently gliding your brush from the middle of your forehead down the side of your hairline to your cheekbone. Next, graze your brush and trace under your cheekbone. Then, carry it just under your jawline and under the chin. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend! As you blend, watch as your cheek bones emerge more defined, and your forehead becomes perfectly framed. For an added bonus, you can subtly frame each side of your nose for a defined, photo-perfect face.
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    Priming is a basic step that requires minimal effort, but ensures lasting results. Primer can easily be applied before your makeup application, so I highly reccomend incorporating a primer into your beauty regimen. Not only does it extend your makeup wear, but when worn alone, it can also minimize pores, creating a more flawless appearance without a touch of makeup. Think of it as your invisible miracle worker. Best of all? Many new BB, CC and tinted moisturizers already have primer built in.
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    Invest in Multi-Task Makeup

    With more and more products offering multi-use function, there are plenty of options to simplify your regimen — especially if you're on the go. I'm really into lip/eye/cheek tints. They offer a quick blush, a pop of color for your peepers, and a kiss-worthy color for your pout in a single product. You can simplfy your beauty bag without compromising results.
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