4 Super Easy Mid-Day Beauty Fixes to Keep You Looking Flawless

Real talk: Eight hours is a long time to expect your makeup to stay put. READ: Emmy-Winning Makeup Artist Reveals 5 Ways to Make Lipstick Last Around noon, foundation can start to settle into lines, your T-zone might look a smidge too slick, hair can either fall totally flat or frizz up — and we’re not sure which is worse. Don’t even talk to us about our highlighter, which has transformed from a natural glow to a chalky, sort-of-sparkly situation that just looks cakey. Luckily, you’re not alone in your plight against middle-of-the-day ugh-ness that inevitably creeps up by lunchtime. Ahead are four simple middle-of-the-day beauty fixes that’ll disguise the fact that you’ve probably been hunched over at your desk for hours. READ: How to Avoid a Makeup Meltdown Which reminds us: Sit up straight!  

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    Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets "I have ridiculously dry skin that I slather in rich moisturizers, which means by mid-day, my T-zone is inevitably a bit shiny. Whenever I look a bit too reflective, I’ll pat one of these sheets over my face and instantly look a bit more put-together. Plus, makeup won’t stick to an oily base, so if I want to add any extra concealer to perk me up, I need to blot, first." – Chloe Metzger, Beauty Editor $5.99 at Ulta.com
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    Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain "Whenever I look in the mirror and wonder exactly where all my makeup went in the last few hours (a.k.a. I feel like I just look pale and blah) my quickest fix is to dab some of this stain (in Forever Pink) on my lips and cheeks to instantly give me a healthy, natural glow." – Hannah Hickok, Lifestyle Editor $25 at JaneIredale.com
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    Big Sexy Hair Powder Play "My hair tends to fall super flat by noon, so I always have Sexy Hair’s Powder Play on me. I sprinkle it into my palm, flip my head over, and rub it right into the crown of my head; it offers just the right amount of grit and texture that I can’t replicate with any other product." – Lauren Caruso, Site Director $16.95 at Ulta.com
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    Cargo Limited Edition Lip Gloss Quad "Reapplying lipstick on the go isn’t a strong suit of mine (I need a full-on bathroom mirror and at least three minutes to avoid looking Halloween-esque), so instead, I punch up my color with a few coats of gloss. These four glosses complement nearly all of my lipsticks, and are shiny without being sticky, which is a big deal in the lip gloss realm." – Leah Faye Cooper, Editorial Producer $20 at CargoCosmetics.com
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