4 Fabulous Beauty Products You Need Now (All Under $20 Each)

I’m very, very good at finding incredible things that aren’t expensive. I’m an unapologetic fast-fashion advocate; I can forage any cheesy mall store and emerge with a respectable outfit; and I understand the thrill of a particularly successful Marshall’s or TJ Maxx run. That skill also applies to beauty. READ: 7 Matte Pink Lipsticks Under $15 As much as I like the feeling of unboxing a beautifully-packaged Chanel lipstick or slathering on a ridiculously overpriced skin cream, I know for a fact there’s a cheaper version out there somewhere. It may not come in a gilded package, but it’s made with the same ingredients and does the exact same thing. As somebody who spends an alarmingly large amount of time testing out (and compulsively hoarding) beauty products, browsing the aisles at both drugstores and Sephora, and posting reviews on MakeupAlley.com (hey, no judgment — we all need a hobby), I feel qualified — nay, compelled — to share with you four truly spectacular finds that all clock in at $20 or less:

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    Chosungah 22 So Tiny Lip & Cheek Face Color If you haven't discovered Korean beauty brand Chosungah 22 yet ($14 each, Sephora), do yourself a favor and check it out. I adore the kitschy packaging and bright colors, but also the unique formulas, many of which just don't exist stateside. Right now, I'm using these mini lip and cheek gels made with Manuka honey extract and argan tree kernel oil.
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    Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color Beauty editors are kind of freaking out about Maybelline's new liquid lipsticks ($7.99 each at drugstores or Ulta), and with good reason — they go on like a gloss but stay on like a stain. Plus, they're noticeably hydrating and come in 10 high-impact colors like fuchsia, orange-red, violet and electric pink.
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    Urban Decay Brow Beater in Dark Brown A professional makeup artist recently introduced me to this waterproof gem ($20 at Sephora), and it's become my number one desert-island product. It's one of the only brow enhancers I’ve found that darkens and thickens without making me look like I used a product to darken and thicken. It also applies like a dream thanks to vitamin E and argan oil.
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    Dark and Lovely Anti Reversion Edge Sleeker This little wand ($5.99 at drugstores or Softsheen Carson) has become my holy grail for taming frizzies that emerge the second I step into humid weather. It looks like a tube of mascara, and you simply use the spoolie and clear liquid formula to flatten flyways, frizz and rogue hair. It's part of Softsheen Carson's line of products geared toward African-American hair, but I truly believe anyone who deals with frizz can benefit.
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