4 Earth-Friendly Beauty Products to Keep You Looking and Feeling Good

I’ll be the first to admit it, however reluctantly: Vanity can sometimes get in the way of good, earth-friendly intentions. Of course I want to be part of the faction that contributes to saving the planet rather than destroying it, but sometimes, I also spend 45 minutes in the shower.  READ: Alicia Silverstone Reveals Green Beauty Secrets for Ageless Skin It can be challenging to alter your behavior in ways that benefit the greater good but feel like personal sacrifices. I’m still working on that. There’s one area, though, in which going "green," or at least inching closer to it, shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice.  As recently as a few years ago, having a natural, earth-friendly beauty routine limited you to three brands that were just OK, with colors and textures and packaging and scents that paled in comparison to your eco-unfriendly favorites. And then things got better — much better. If anything, the general consensus is that we’re gravitating more toward the new legion of high-end, high-quality, earth-friendly beauty brands than we are the old stuff that ends up in the ocean choking dolphins and stuff. READ: White Tea — Does a Cup a Day Keep Wrinkles Away? These newer, more guilt-free products also happen to be really, really good — and here are the four you should rock now:

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    Rituel de Fille Forbidden Lipstick Finally, a hydrating, intensely pigmented range of lipsticks made with 99-percent natural ingredients (and 100-percent cruelty-free). Bonus points for the sleek, witchy packaging. $23, RituelDeFille.com
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    Captain Blankenship Blue Chamomile & Lemon Oil-Based Cleanser and Makeup Remover A nourishing blend of oils that can be used as a gentle cleanser and makeup remover, or, as an eye and face serum. $32, CaptainBlankenship.com
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    lilac b. Divine Duo Long-wearing enough for cheeks and creamy enough for lips, it's the one-step shortcut to a healthy flush.  $46, lilahbeauty.com
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    Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub Ditch harsher scrubs in favor of this gentler — and, let's face it, better — formula, which exfoliates with jojoba beads and draws out impurities with red clay. $13, CredoBeauty.com
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