4 Beauty Editors Reveal the One Mascara They Couldn't Live Without

Ask any woman about the beauty product she holds nearest to her heart, and nine times out of ten, she’ll say mascara. READ: 5 Timeless Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Master For most, it’s indispensable — bigger, bolder lashes can turn even the most beleaguered face into a beacon of light just by enhancing the eyes. That’s all it takes sometimes. With that in mind, we asked four beauty editors to reveal the one mascara they couldn’t face the day without. See their picks below and get shopping:

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    Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

    "I don’t love the look of mascara on me — every single formula clumps and makes my lashes more sticky than anything else, but I do like my lashes to be darker than they naturally are. My solution, outside of lash tinting (which, in my opinion, isn’t with the effort): Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10.50) in Black/Brown, used on my top lashes. The tiny brush absorbs just enough product to tint, without working overtime to define, lift, separate, and everything else most other brands promise and rarely deliver." — Perrie Samotin, Editorial Director
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    Givenchy Beauty Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

    "I wear Givenchy Beauty Phenomen’Eyes Mascara ($32) in deep black, which is super black. The shape of the brush allows me to get the best coverage on my lashes." — Melissa Medvedich, Creative Director READ: 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Dishes on Beauty Secrets and Love
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    Too Faced Better Than Sex

    "I was hoping to avoid picking this one since I know it’s [our social media editor] Cady’s favorite too, but the supremacy of Too Faced Better Than Sex ($23) is undeniable — there’s just no other option. It’s the closest thing to slapping on a pair of feathery false lashes, but out of a tube and way less complicated to apply." — Cristina Velocci, Managing Editor
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    MAC Studio Sculpt Lash

    "I'm not particularly loyal when it comes to my mascara, and I regularly chop and change depending on what's new and what my friends recommend. Right now I'm using MAC Studio Sculpt Lash ($17), and I'm a fan. For work and general day-to-day errand-running, I'm not looking for huge, dramatic lashes, so I love that this product gives a little definition, separates the lashes, and never gets clumpy (important!). Also, I'm not usually into using a waterproof mascara that stays put for days, so I actually find it appealing that this isn’t." — Jasmine Garnsworthy, Editor
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