3 Products You Need for the Sexiest Beachy Waves Ever

The actual shift of the summer solstice is neither here nor there, because life doesn’t wait until June 22 to start behaving like the season is well underway. Once you’ve got your SPF 50 on, your vacation booked, your three new under-$50 swimsuits in the mail (one must always take full advantage of a good deal), and a strong defense against the ill effects of day-drinking at the ready, the only thing left to do is your hair. As in, make it look like floating around in the surf all day is your reality rather than a thing you saw a model do in a magazine and have been trying to attain ever since. HOW TO: The Secret to Gisele's 'Effortless' Beachy Waves If you could only get beachy waves by going to the beach, we’d all be sentenced to an existence of flat hair and frizz, and that would be very sad. That’s exactly why wave-enhancing beach hair products exist: to create the illusion that you spend most of your time on a shore in the south of France, even if you spend almost all your time trying to pick the subway car with the best ratio of number-of-people to quality-of-air-conditioning. Rest assured: The newest generation of the best beach hair products won’t leave hair sticky or crunchy. In fact, these three top-notch formulas will leave you with surprisingly realistic, totally natural-looking texture — as if #beachlife were indeed your life — and lend you an air of legitimacy you just can’t find in a spray tan booth. WATCH: Get Blake Lively's Beachy Waves Who needs the beach? (JK.)

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    Bumble and Bumble's Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry Not quite a mousse and definitely not a spray, this one shirks the idea that tousled, wavy hair is best acquired by air-drying: The unique formula imparts big, beachy volume that only gets better when assisted by a round brush and a blowdryer. (Fitting, considering it incorporates heat protection to defend hair against styling.) The major, major texture it leaves behind makes it perfect for fine hair that has a hard time holding style. $31, Bumble and Bumble
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    Davines' This Is a Sea Salt Spray As the saying goes, this is not your mother's standard-issue salt spray. You'll get gritty, sexy texture without sacrificing moisture, thanks to a formula that includes proven softeners alongside its salt-heavy base. It's the consummate sea salt spray, and it'll basically replace everything else in your routine. $27, Davines
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    Herbivore's Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray Formulated to match the salinity of Pacific Ocean saltwater (and therefore somewhat legitimize your claim to beachy Big Sur hair), this Instagram-ready bottle contains a smart solution that combines the usual suspect — sea salt — with hydrating aloe vera and soothing lavender. $20, Herbivore Botanicals
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