1,300-Year Old Kiln Found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico discovered a kiln used by the ancient Zapotecs to make ceramics more than 1,300 years ago.

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    An oven used by the Zapotecs confirms the long tradition of pottery in Mexico's Oaxaca region.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    Archaeologists hypothesize that the oven dates from the early years of occupation of pre-Columbian site (650 - 900 AD), ie it's more than 1,300 years.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    This is one of the best preserved of all kilns that have been found in the Zapotec area.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    This oven can link the traditional pre-Hispanic pottery craft to that of the current community of Santa Martá Atzompa.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    This hearth was discovered recently in pre-Hispanic Archaeological Zone Atzompa.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    Archaeologist Jaime Vera said the kilns was buried under a stucco floor known as the home of the altar.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    Located four kilometers from Monte Alban, Atzompa has a total of 40 structures so far discovered.
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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    Archeologists cross-hatching the possible house and alter. 
    Jaime Vera y de Héctor Montaño / INAH.
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