10 Glamorous Style Lessons From Christina Hendricks

If there’s one Hollywood star that’s famous for her irresistible curves, it’s this fiery red head. PHOTOS: Christina Hendricks' Sexiest Looks “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks, who recently became the celebrity ambassador for Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy line, is adored by both men and women for her sinfully seductive shape, which easily commands any red carpet event. Just like her character Joan Harris from the '60s- (and now '70s-) themed series, the buxom Tennessee-born beauty opts for body-hugging dresses, tight pencil skirts and tailored pieces nipped at the waist. And even the 40-year-old herself admits that anyone can copy her style with a few simple tricks. “Tailoring is of the utmost importance,” she tells Glamour Magazine. “You can shop at Target or Yves Saint Laurent, and it will look wonderful if it fits you well." WATCH: Adding Retro Flair to Your Wardrobe Another way to recreate this look without splurging? Stock up on vintage pieces. “I’ve been wearing it (vintage) since I was 11 or 12 years old,” she adds. “I love the attention to detail, the tailoring, and all the little special touches that you don’t find these days. I do tend to stay away from vintage from the '60s, because I don’t want to look like I’m walking around in my ‘Mad Men’ costume!” Looking to channel this modern-day pinup for day or night looks? In time for the series finale of "Mad Men," (Sunday, May 17th) we asked several celebrity stylists to weigh in on major do's and don’ts for capturing Hendricks’ signature style:

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    Leave Some Wiggle Room

    Hendricks is famous for accentuating her never-ending curves in form-fitting clothes, which are great for flaunting your shape. However, make sure your clothes leave some wiggle room to avoid revealing the curves you don’t want others to see. “Avoid clothes that are too tight,” warns image consultant Thea Wood. “If fabric pulls across the widest area of your body, creating horizontal creases when standing up straight, that’s a sign you need to go up a size.” Remember, fit — not size — is key to wearing pieces that flatter your shape best. (When in doubt, make sure your ensemble is seen by a tailor, who can provide a custom fit for your shape.)
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    Go Bold With Color

    Not just any curve-hugging ensembles will do for this actress (or her character Joan, for that matter). “Get yourself a variety of jewel-toned, tight-fitting dresses that would be technically considered business-casual, but with a twist of boldness,” suggests Marian Rothschild, image consultant and author of “Look Good Now and Always.” Best of all, these are pieces that can easily transition from day to evening with minimal effort.
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    Flaunt Your Assets

    Flaunting your assets is well and good, but you don't want to run the risk of appearing trashy or flashy. “The décolletage is a very sexy and powerful part of the female body,” says celebrity stylist James Cornwell. “If you tend to button up all the way to the neck, unbutton a couple of snaps or buttons, showing a flash of skin. Do take risks, but don’t unbutton too far.”
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    Get Fitted

    While we’re on the subject of cleavage, don’t forget to focus on what you wear underneath your clothes. A poor-fitting bra can pinch at the skin, creating unwanted “back fat.” And if a piece is too loose, you’ll miss out on getting much-needed support, and your chest will appear wider. “Get a bra fitting by an expert,” says Wood. “We change shape all the time, and bras stretch and lose their supportive qualities. A good rule of thumb is to get a fitting every six months.”
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    Showcase Your Favorite Features

    The sultry redhead may have a celebrated bust, but you don’t need to show off yours to capture her style. Model and fashion expert Jaimie Hilfiger believes that showcasing your favorite feature is key to boosting confidence and upgrading your personal style. “Even though we all cannot physically look like Christina Hendricks, we can emulate her sexy, refined style,” says Hilfiger. “The first step is to determine what your best asset is. No matter what your body looks like, it’s important to play up your best feature. Whether it be your long legs, sculpted arms or hourglass figure, we all have a feature that can be enhanced.”
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    Stock Up on Pencil Skirts

    Whether in front of cameras or on the go, Hendricks is usually spotted in a form-fitting pencil skirt, which can instantly whittle your waist, enhance curves, and make one’s shape appear slimmer, It's also chic, no matter the occasion. Best of all? This closet must-have works for everyone, and can be found in a variety of prices to meet your shopping budget. “If your trouble spots are on your bottom half, sticking to a solid color pencil skirt is your best bet,” says style expert Hilary Kennedy. “You can pair it with a patterned or textured blouse or sweater on top. However, if your bottom half is slim and trim, try bold patterns to mix things up and add the illusion of curves.”
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    Cinch the Waist

    Forget Spanx — when it comes to showcasing a va-va-voom figure, Hendricks usually relies on a belt to cinch her waist. For a similar appearance, try a belt that matches your apparel, creating the illusion of an hourglass. Look out for a slim leather belt or a wider corselet used over dresses or coats. “The newest belts to look out for are simple, often without any visible closure, or with a smooth metal buckle for a clean minimalist look,” once remarked style expert Sharon Graubard on minimizing your midsection. “Narrow belts can be styled over dresses, sweaters, coats and jackets.”
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    Leave Something to the Imagination

    “Do not go overboard with showing what you’ve got,” warns Cornwell. “Leave a bit to the imagination, and don’t wear outfits that reveal everything you have. Make people wonder what else there is to you.”
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    Skip Trends

    “Christina’s style has had a lasting impact because she is not a slave to trends,” says Hilfiger. “Ten years from now, we could look back at Christina’s red carpet style and 99 percent of her looks will still remain modern and constant because she chooses ladylike silhouettes and structured separates. Her fashion sense is very old Hollywood glam, a look that never goes out of style.”
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    Toss the Platforms

    We get it, platforms are a surefire way to elongate your shape. However, capturing "old Hollywood" means leaving this modern trend behind. “Classic pumps are a must in a variety of colors,” says Rothschild. “No platforms. Just stick to vintage classics.” Consider investing in a pair of pumps matching your skin tone to instantly create longer legs.
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