Yummy & Healthy: Linaza Juice

It is one of the most popular juices in Bolivia – and it’s healthy too!    

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    Ingredients ½  cup of whole flax seeds 2 Liters of water Sugar to taste
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    Step 1 Place the linaza in the blender along with one cup of water and blend until the seeds are very broken. Then add another cup of water and blend a bit more.
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    Step 2 Strain the seeds through a strainer (preserving the liquid in a pitcher).
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    Step 3 Add another one or two cups of water to your blender and return the already broken seeds to the blender.  Blend again.  Strain again.
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    Step 4 To the liquid you've preserved after straining the seeds, add the remaining water and sugar to taste.
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    Step 5 Serve cold over ice.
    Elizabeth Carrion
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    To use flax seeds in other recipes such as muffins, homemade breads, smoothies or simply over salads and cereals, it’s best to grind the seeds using a coffee grinder. This enhances their digestibility as well as their nutritional value. Because flax seeds thicken liquids, be sure to add towards the end of any recipe such as soups and stews.
    Elizabeth Carrion
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