Weighted Vest Workout

Shed pounds and get fit immediately with a weighted vest.  

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    Push-up to trunk rotation:  Perform a push-up and then turn to the side while you raise your arm and keep the body in a straight line. Keep your hips stable. Don’t sink. Then, do another push-up and turn to the other side. That’s one rep.  
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    Hold squat and lunge:  Perform a regular squat and hold the position at the bottom for five to ten counts. That’s one rep. Go directly into a lunge.
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    Incline Push-ups: Select a bench or a bar that allows your body to be inclined and perform the push-up exercise.
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    Single squat: From a standing position, sit and raise your body up with one leg while the other is straight off the floor. Keep your core tight, chest up and the weight on the ball of your foot.  If it’s the first time doing this exercise, hold into something until you progress.
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    Decline Push-ups: On a bench or chair, place your foot to perform a decline position. Make sure that the chest lowers first before the hips. Keep the hips tight and abdominals in at all time so the body doesn’t sink.
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    Backward Lunge to Side Lunge: From standing position, move your leg backward to a lunge and then move the same leg to go into a squat. That’s one rep. Do the same with the other leg.
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    Plank: In a plank position, raise one leg off the floor and keep alternating for the number of reps set.  
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    Turkish Get Up: Use one arm as the leading arm and shoot it straight up toward the sky. Use your lead hand as your guide, continue to reach toward the sky as you rise to a lunge position. Keep rising, as if someone is pulling your lead hand towards the sky, until you are standing up
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