The Woman With 200-Pound Legs

Mandy Sellars is your typical 36-year-old woman. She loves to go the movies, hang out with her friends and go out to lunch. But there is just one thing that sets Sellars apart: She suffers from a rare condition that has caused her legs to grow at an alarming rate


    Mandy Sellers

    Mandy Sellars, 36, suffers from a rare condition that has caused her legs to grow to more than 100 pounds each. "When I was born, they knew straight away that there was something completely different about me,” Sellars, who lives outside of Manchester, England, told in 2009. All photos are courtesy of Mandy Sellars. 
    Courtesy of Mandy Sellars

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    Sellars decided to amputate one of her legs in January 2010. Today, she says she feels much better about herself. 

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    “They actually didn’t let my parents see me. They took me away from my mom and I think they kept me away from my parents, particularly my mom, for about 10 days or 14 days,” Sellars told in 2009, of when she was born.  

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    Sellars is now learning how to walk again with a new prosthetic leg and attending regular physiotherapy sessions.

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    "My life is better than ever before. My mobility isn't as good now but I am getting better with it," Sellars said. "I have been making myself physically feel better which is also helping me feel better mentally. I am really happy and at a good place right now."
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