Marta Montenegro: Pack More Lifts Into One Move

Sometimes, doing more will bring great results. This is the case in the exercise selection when lifting weights:  The more muscles that a single move targets, the better overall benefits.



    Bicep curl to lunge to overhead press (works legs, arms and shoulders): In a standing position perform a dumbbell curl, bring the bar to shoulder hight and step back one leg into a lunge. Finish the move by returning to initial position and extending the arms into a shoulder press.  Perform the exercise as one smooth move.  Alternate between one leg and the other.


    Single leg Romanian deadlift to split squat (works hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus and lower back):  Place the foot on a bench and keep the dumbbells close to your body, flex the hips  and truly push back the hips to low your body as much as you can while keeping the back straight. Lift up your body using the back of the leg muscles (hamstrings) of the leg on the floor and not the back. Immediately when you go back do a lunge. Keeping your back straight, chest up and sitting back into the working leg. Do all the reps for one leg and switch.


    Push-up with row (works chest, triceps and back): In a push-up position, lower your body to a 90 degree making sure that your abs are tight and the hips don’t move, when you lift up your body perform a dumbbell row, do another push-up and do another row with the other arm.  Do it with no weights or in a kneeling position to make it easier.
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