In a funk? How to turn your day around

You’re tired, you’re bored, and you’re in the middle of a long day. Of course you need something to invigorate you – but turning to junk food or other fleeting urges to cope with dips in energy is not the healthiest way to cope. Read on for some tips on creating your own emotional crisis kit



    Look at photos of people or places you love. This can provide you with a nice break and a sense of connection during moments of pain. A UCLA research study found people's perception of pain diminished upon looking at a photo of a loved one. 

    In fact, photos may actually engender endorphins.

    Listen to Music

    Change your mood by listening to soothing, upbeat music, a meaningful podcast or a heartfelt message on your voicemail.  Oliver Sacks, a world-renowned neurologist, explains that music allows for relief from the most distressing mental struggles. 


    In the moment, when emotions hijack you, you may struggle to access the logic you need to remember pros and cons of sitting with feelings and engaging in whatever impulse you face. Preparing lists ahead of time can make this much easier. 


    Roy Baumeister, a psychologist who specializes in willpower, has a simple fix to restore willpower: You need food to fuel your brain, and we can’t think clearly or make ultimately wise decisions in the face of hunger.  Keeping some almonds or a protein bar handy can stave off urges to overeat and also provide you with the capacity to think clearly when you are physically hungry.   


    Emotions can captivate our attention. Keeping a couple of meaningful quotes or images nearby can provide lasting encouragement In the same way an Olympic athlete may compete despite tremendous discomfort and physical limitations, keeping a helpful memento or a prayer that reflects your larger purpose can change your perspective. 


    Some tech-savvy clients have created poignant, encouraging slideshows on their smartphones of friends, family and/or beautiful scenery, pro/con lists and quotes. Spending a few minutes with reminders of that which truly sustains you may change the whole course of your day, and provide you with a lasting sense that your emotions and impulses come and go - while you sit with grace. 
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